A glorious legacy of seven decades!

The journey of the D.K Jain Group started seven decades ago, in 1945, with a humble beginning. Today with a sales turnover of Rs 2,700 crores, 33 manufacturing facilities, four R&D centers, more than 9100 employees & 9 global partnerships, the constant in our journey is our values, and a legacy of 'Customer First' approach.

Like they say, Rome was not built in a day, neither was Lumax. Step by step, brick by brick a conglomerate was created as we worked with grit, integrity, respect for all our stakeholders and passion to excel.

Our founder, Late Sh. S. C. Jain, took the group to exemplary heights with his vision and ethos, which continues to be the guiding light for every employee in the group. The group started its operations with the establishment of Globe Auto Industries – as a trading concern and set-up manufacturing of Lighting equipment in 1956 & set on the path to revolutionise the automotive parts manufacturing in India. Imbibing the concept of creating value for the nation within the organizational DNA is the reason behind this magnitude of success.

Our experiences and achievements indeed have the right blend of courage, industry and humility. The events which contributed significantly to our Good to Great journey and became historical milestones for the group.

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